Series VI Mazda RX-7

This RX-7 was an early birthday present to myself, in 2011.  It is a 1995 Mazda Series VI and blew up on my way home.  My next engine went the same way within a week.  At this point I decided that the only way forward was a ground-up rebuild so I ripped the whole car apart, Vasco and Peter at Rockdale Mazda got together a comprehensive(!) parts list and that’s where it all started.


After pulling the bumpers off, we discovered that it had been repaired really badly after being in a previous front-end accident, so I had the car go to a friend (Arthur) for some robot adjustments. After a few months of lining the chassis up it was time to install the new front end, radiator, skirts and rails.  There was also a new bumper, front headlights, headlight covers, new rear bumper, new doors, guards, rear wing, boot-lid and , of course course, sunroof skin!


Once the panel-beating was completed, the car was towed to a friend’s workshop for fresh paint.  Finally, after being flow-coated, the car was towed back to me, where myself and Mark Berdekan from Carrs Park Automotive got into putting the entire car back together.  In the meantime, a brand new motor was at South Coast Rotaries in the capable hands of Kevin Webb for the porting, studding and dowelling.


With the motor complete and body back together, it was time to tackle the interior.  This is where Oli from KO Autotrim came aboard with a unique job.  I gave him a pair of Bride Low Max seats and every item from the interior and asked him to make the trim as subtle as possible.  Oli did an amazing job and again I was deeper in love with the car.


Danny from Concept Garage was given the job of making the gauges look factory installed, while Lenso Australia provided the massive 20×10″ rear and 20×8.5″ front wheels.  Everything else done on the car was completed by myself here, at Elite Autohaus.